Bădălău: Romania can sell GNC from Israel through BRUA


Economy Minister Niculae Bădălău says he recently spoke with Israeli officials and that this state would be interested in shipping in on routes to Romania natural gas extracted from offshore perimeters, which would then be sold throughout Europe via the future pipeline BRUA. He also said he can not deny the news on ExxonMobil’s intention to abandon the Neptun Deep concession in the Black Sea, but added that “not all news should be taken for good,” according to profit.ro.

“We had a meeting last week, you know well that Israel has an extremely developed offshore, with gas resources. Offshore, for exports, are already exploring, they already have no place to sell it because the area does not allow them. We had talks with them, they want to come in because they have gas at a high pressure, with small compression costs, and we’ll make a terminal point in Romania…The Ministry of Economy has offered Mangalia shipyard, where we’ll have a terminal. We have already been discussing how to connect to the BRUA pipeline, so through the BRUA pipeline (the Israeli gas) goes all over Europe, I want to tell you that they are very interested by this project,” the minister said in a TV show.


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