Bădălău: Hidroelectrica must stay owned by the Romanian state


The dismissed Minister of Economy, Niculae Bădălău (PSD), was outraged on Wednesday in Parliament by PNL’s intention to list Hidroelectrica on the stock exchange. In Bădălău’s opinion, it is better for this company to be embezzled than listed. “It has to remain of the Romanian state, in order to have energy security. Why do you keep listing it, sell it? Continue to embezzle it,” Bădălău told Virgil Popescu, the designated minister of Economy, at his hearing in Parliament, according to Hotnews.ro.

Moreover, Bădălău argues that it is strange that they do not “want to embazzle it” anymore, but “sell it”. At this moment it produces a clean and cheap energy and you no longer want to embazzle it, you want to sell it completely, which seems very strange to me. Why don’t you want to sell Oltenia or Hunedoara or something else? For what?,” asked Bădălău.


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  1. _da exact ce se intimpla cu si in gindirea unor vinzatori de active hard ale romaniei__vor sa demonstreze ca e democratie??_domnule badalau daca aveti de luptat cu asemenea specimene nu e de mirare performantele parlamemtului_ oricum felicitari cu toata propunerea d vs de delapidare adica furt

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