At CE Oltenia the temporary appointments continue, the managers and the new members of the SB are appointed for 4 months; CEO will approve the investment strategy for the next 7 years


Bogdan Tudorache

CE Oltenia convened the shareholders, during the meeting of the Ordinary Meeting of June 12, to appoint new members of the Supervisory Board (SB), who will have terms of only four months. The document does not specify the names of the persons proposed for these positions.

According to a press release presented on the company’s website, starting with May 13, 2020, based on the decisions of the Supervisory Board, the CE Oltenia Board of Directors consists of 5 members: Burlan Daniel – president, Bălășoiu Constantin – member, Popescu Grigore Iustin – member, Patran Valentin – member, Deacon Pintea Lăcrămioara – member. They have a four-month term,” according to the recommendations issued by the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the company’s Supervisory Board”.

Therefore, at CE Oltenia, the temporary appointments continue, despite the delicate situation in which the company finds itself, which will have to start a new major investment plan in the next period. The EGSM convening for June 12 provides for the approval of the CEO’s investment strategy for the next seven years.

Also on June 12, a transport contract for Rovinari workers could be approved, valid for two years, worth 18.69 million lei, according to offers submitted prior to the establishment of the distance rules imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.


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