ROEC (Romania Energy Center)

ROEC (Romania Energy Center)
NameROEC (Romania Energy Center)
SectorThink Tank, Analysis, Consulting
Key PeopleEugenia Gușilov - Director
Objectives ROEC is Romania's first independent English language think tank designed to function as a hotspot for elite expertise in energy studies, international relations, foreign policy, economics and area studies. ROEC specializes in complex analytics for those who value quality above anything else. Established as a think tank in 2010, ROEC now has two directions of activity: the think tank one (with its own programs and projects) and a commercial one (specialized research, analysis and consultancy services offered on a contract-basis to interested market players - companies, decision makers, civil society).
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As a think tank, ROEC's goal is to contribute to important public debates, to support transparent and competent governance, to tackle difficult topics, to improve public policy, to raise public awareness through analysis and events of exceptional quality, and contribute to the accelerated modernization of Romania.

As a consultancy, ROEC offers a wide range of premium analysis and advisory services to decision-makers, business community and NGOs, which include: customized research and analysis, business development support, due diligence, management consulting, identification of new business opportunities, project/program/policy assessments; impact studies, feasibility studies, case-studies.

Key areas of expertise: public policies; markets, investments, energy infrastructure; country, industry and company outlooks; economic and business forecasts; regulatory framework, commercial, political and risk assessments analysis; Special Reports on regional economic and security developments; interdisciplinary area studies (Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe).
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319th Calarasilor Ave., 3rd District, Bucharest, Romania
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