ASF is analyzing the request of BRM to launch derivative natural gas contracts


The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) has not yet issued the necessary approval to the Romanian Commodity Exchange (BRM) to launch derivative contracts on the natural gas market and to become a financial counterparty in all transactions, it is shown in a release of the institution, which states that “the Financial Supervisory Authority is not the competent authority for the supervision of transactions on centralized commodity markets, having no competences regarding the centralized gas markets and products traded on these platforms and has not expressed its agreement to launch trading on these platforms of derived products having as supporting asset natural gas.”

ASF makes this clarification taking into account the information recently appeared in the public space regarding the launch process by the Romanian Commodity Exchange (BRM) of natural gas derivative contracts and according to which the Romanian Commodity Exchange, under the supervision of the National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE), of ACER through the REMIT reporting system and with the agreement of the Financial Supervision Authority (ASF) will offer, from November 16, 2020, both the functions of electronic trading platform and post-trading, by assuming as a financial counterparty in all registered transactions, according to Agerpres.

“The Romanian Commodity Exchange submitted to ASF, in its capacity as a financial investment services company, a request for approval of an Organized Trading System (SOT), this request being still under the Authority’s analysis, without being issued until at present, any individual act approving the establishment and operation of an organized trading system (SOT) administered by BRM,” the release states.


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