ArcelorMittal challenges in court the appointment of the BRUA contractor


ArcelorMittal Galati challenged the tender for the designation of the BRUA gas pipeline builder after it was eliminated for lack of a document that was not relevant to the project, said Bruno Ribo, general manager of the steel mill.

“We still hope to be able to participate in this project. We have been eliminated and we challenged the auction procedure. We have been removed because we lacked a document, we did not realize that the paper was missing and we did not have time to submit it in due time. It is a purely formal matter. When we were informed that we were missing, we were ready to correct this, but the bidding period was closed, so our offer was not validated,” said Ribo as quoted by Capital.

According to him, the document that was missing from the file was not relevant to the substance of the matter.

“Somehow it was a mistake on our part, but it was a formal reason that was not related to the substance of the matter. We are in court with this issue, I cannot comment more, but I think we should give more importance to the main problem, not to the formal one, because we are capable of producing and it would be totally abnormal that public funds, European funding, to finance a project using thick blackboard produced in China. It is something completely unusual. Romanians pay taxes, and this money support jobs in China,” said ArcelorMittal official, quoted by Agerpres.


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  1. ARCELOR MITTAL. Am lucrat pentru Siderurgie timp de 20 de ani in cadrul IPROMET. Realizez greutatile zilnice in a asigura existenta a mii de oameni, fiind printre putinele unitati din siderurgie care au rezistat cu greu valului de distrugeri. In mod normal, daca o licitatie casigata si finantata prin fonduri publice, prezinta anomalii, acestea trebuiesc contestate prin organismele abilitate si prin justitie.

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