AOAR: IMF does not necessarily demand for an increase in natural gas price


Stopping the gas price increase seems to be in consent with the representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said the president of the Association of Businessmen in Romania (AOAR) Florin Pogonaru after meeting with the IMF.

“I have discussed today and it seems, at least this is my feeling, that there will be reached an agreement on gas price increase. We see that we are already in line with the European price, even 2-3 dollars above, so it is no longer needed for the gas price to increase. Again, it’s my feeling, no one said yes, or did shake hands on this topic. Another positive thing is the discussion about the stock market and changing legislative framework, as the proposal which is known as ‘The eight barriers to capital market’. And here everyone agreed with the need and appropriateness of this proposal, “ said Florin Pogonaru for Agerpres. He added that talks with the International Monetary Fund also focused on reducing the Social Contributions (CAS) tax by five percentage points from July 1, 2014, the insolvency law and and the tax on pole.

“We talked about social security contributions (CAS), where we have a clear and firm opinion that the reduction is a priority based on fiscal space created through better collection. Of course there are endless discussions, they say they do not think so, we say that this is precisely the case”, said he.

“There is a feeling that we are not far from an agreement on the reduction of CAS and we are close to an agreement on the gas price. Another good thing was the insolvency law, that our coalition supported. Of course, it did not came out perfect, but there is a progress. We also discussed about the pole tax against which we have a strong position, namely that it is a tax that discourages investments, “ added Florin Pogonaru.

An IMF mission is in Bucharest, from June 2 to 16, for the third review of the stand-by agreement. IMF visit takes place together with the European Commission and the World Bank teams.




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