AOAR calls for tightening of controls to remove plastic bags from the market


The Romanian Businessmen’s Association (AOAR) calls for tougher sanctions and more frequent scrutiny of traders who still use plastic bags.

“Almost 2 years after the ban on the sale of plastic bags, they are still used in markets, shopping malls and by small commercial operators. Following some visits to the markets in Bucharest and in the country, we found the almost exclusive sale of plastic bags. A legislative initiative beneficial for the environment and for the health of the citizens is constantly violated by the commercial operators without any sanctions,” the organization claims.

“The lack of controls and sanctions applied by the authorities made this beneficial law for environmental protection to be ignored and, thus, deviations occurred at national level. In this context, AOAR requests the approved authorities, the Environmental Guard and the Authority for Consumer Protection, to apply periodic controls in all markets in Bucharest and in the country for a correct implementation of the law.”

Starting with July 1, 2019, the Romanian Parliament voted the draft law 249/2015 on how to manage packaging and waste, so it is prohibited to introduce on the national market thin and very thin plastic transport bags with handles.

Although the law provides for serious sanctions for breaches of the provisions, in the absence of controls by the authorities, plastic bags are still offered free of charge by traders.

“In the context of the new compost law that will come into force on January 1, 2021, biodegradable and compostable bags become all the more important as bio-waste can be collected in this type of bag.”


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