ANRE’s new regulation on the aggregation of renewable energy, published in the Official Gazette


The new ANRE Regulation on the functioning of the centralized electricity market for renewable energy supported by green certificates was published in the Official Gazette on July 16th. Renewable energy producers have the green light to trade in competitive energy markets as an aggregated entity.

The way proposed by ANRE: associated producers will designate one of them to assume all the responsibilities and rights set out in the participation agreement and the contract resulting from the transaction. With regard of participation in the balancing market, in the hierarchy, the order for priority dispatching will be the one corresponding to the technology that has the largest share, as installed power, within the aggregate entity. Transelectrica can admit the combination of units with different E-SRE technologies, according to

The new Regulation establishes the framework for competitive, transparent, anonymous, public, centralized and non-discriminatory trading of electricity from renewable sources supported by green certificates. Under the new Regulation, the participant designated by an aggregated entity of renewable electricity producers is fully responsible for all the responsibilities and rights set out in the Participating Convention as well as those provided for in national and / or EU regulations for participation to the electricity market.