ANRE works on the new rules for the operation of the electricity markets in the context of the application of the provisions of Regulation 943


Bogdan Tudorache

In the next period, ANRE is working on finalizing the entire package of regulations necessary for the implementation of the relevant national legislation and the legislative package “Clean Energy”, including the transition to the 15-minute settlement interval starting with 2021, the implementation of the single price concept on the balancing market and the completion of the implementation of the necessary rules for the use of European platforms related to the balancing market, the institution announced.

According to market sources quoted by the central press, the 15-minute settlement would be introduced in the autumn of next year.

At the same time, the bilateral contracts (PPA) will be signed on a platform controlled by OPCOM, ANRE also announced.

Thus, the institution announces “the creation of a platform managed by OPCOM that allows the conclusion of PPA contracts and in an organized framework that ensures fairness, competitive and non-discriminatory framework in negotiating and concluding these contracts,” but also the fact that suppliers will have the right “to conclude bilateral contracts negotiated directly with the aggregators of active customers.”

In particular, ANRE promises the flexibility of transactions on the market of bilateral contracts with extended tender, in terms of daily delivery profiles, the possibility of varying the hourly quantity, a facility that supports mainly renewable energy producers and the possibility of adjusting the award price according to a stock market index. Also, the definition of long-term contracts that can be concluded on over-the-counter markets and that stimulate investment in new production capacity and the possibility of aggregate participation of energy producers in all markets and the right to conclude bilateral contracts negotiated directly between aggregation members will be finalized.

At the same time, ANRE will define the possibility of participation of final customers, including through aggregators, in futures markets, the next day’s market, the intraday market and the balancing market.

“At the level of the balancing market, (work is being done on) the waiver of the bidding obligation, the price limits, outside the technical ones allowed by the EU regulation, and the introduction of negative prices, measures that stimulate the participants in the balancing market and contribute to securing reserves of power necessary to balance the electricity transmission system,” ANRE also stated, without specifying the deadlines for finalizing these processes.


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