ANRE will finalize the regulatory framework in respect to the amendments to GEO 114 ”shortly”


Bogdan Tudorache

The Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) announced that it will ”soon finalize” the implementing rules of the amendments to the GEO 114, at least as regards the reduction of the annual contribution of the units on coal and cogeneration.

„ANRE will soon finalize the draft amendment to the Methodology of the calculation and establishment of the annual financial contribution provided for in Article 2 paragraph (31) of the Government Emergency Ordinance no.33 / 2007 on the organization and functioning of ANRE, approved with amendments and completions by Law no. 160/2012, as introduced by the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2018 (Annex 1 to ANRE Order no 18/2019), whereby the annual contribution from the holders of the commercial exploitation licenses for the coal-fired power generation capacities and the production of electricity and heat in cogeneration, will be diminished as of 01.04.2019,” ANRE officials say.

„This will also regulate the adjustment of the annual contribution from the license holders mentioned above by invoicing the difference between the amount originally calculated (2% of the turnover) and the amount of contribution calculated under this new regulation,” the statement reads.

According to the new amendments, coal and cogeneration will not pay any contribution to ANRE.


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