ANRE: There is a risk that, in winter, not all gas consumers in Romania would be supplied


The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) draws attention, in a document, that there is a risk that, in winter, not all gas consumers in Romania can be supplied, given that there are “reasonable suspicions” that the flow of imported gas through Ukraine to be reduced.

“Given that for the winter 2019-2020 there are reasonable suspicions that the supply of natural gas from Ukraine will be reduced, there is a risk of non-supply of natural gas for all consumers, also motivated by the reduced capacity of the other interconnection points. Under these terms, it may be necessary to interrupt some categories of consumers and to pass some thermo-energetic groups to the operation on oilfuel”, it is shown in a document posted on the ANRE website, quoted by Agerpres.

This is the first time that the Romanian authorities speak about the danger of gas imports being jeopardized by the fact that the agreements between Russia and Ukraine for gas transit end on December 31, 2019.

So far, Transgaz has stated, in public documents, that the Romanian side has not received any information regarding the flow of gas from Russia via Ukraine.

The information regarding this risk appears in the explanatory note of a draft order by which ANRE wants to modify the gas storage methodology for winter.


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