ANRE: Romania, officially, has the capacity to produce electricity of 20,696 MW


Romania has officially, on January 16, the capacity to produce electricity with a total installed power of 20,696 MW, according to the data of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), but the institution is in an analysis process to determine which of the power stations still works.

The official statistics were introduced on the institution’s website, indicating the existence of installed capacities of 20,696,688 MW in total, of which 31.4% hydro (6,703 MW), 23.1% on coal (4,787 MW), 15.7% hydrocarbons (3,240 MW), 14.6% wind (3,023 MW), 6.8% nuclear (1,413 MW), 6.7% solar (1,391 MW) and 0.5% biomass (112 MW), according to Agerpres .

The chapter “Other” includes biogas (20.452 MW), waste heat (4.1 MW), waste (0.63 MW) and geothermal (0.05 MW). These are only provisory official statistics, and ANRE representatives are in the process of analyzing to determine exactly which of the power stations are still operating.


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