ANRE introduces new trading obligations for gas producers, once the market is liberalized


The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) will draw up an order establishing what quantities of gas will be sold by producers on spot and long-term markets as of July 1, when the market will be completely liberalized, said Zoltan Nagy-Bege, ANRE’s Vice-President.

“The obligations that currently exist in the legislation (for producers to trade on the stock market 50% of production) did not reach their objective. The aim was to generate liquidity, but this did not happen. The big producers, the two (Petrom and Romgaz) – no), preferred to sell large packages, to which only the two big suppliers which dominate the market have access (Engie and E.ON). These two large producers traded the 50% through two or three contracts, usually during autumn, after which they did not go out in the market,” explained Bege, according to Agerpres.

He pointed out that ANRE was looking for an alternative to this situation. “The solution is to introduce a gas release program, by which to oblige, to constrain the producers, although the word sounds ugly, that for two or three years put in the market exact quantities of gas, on long term contracts, on a year, on a quarter, one month, one week, on spot markets, or intraday, or futures,” ANRE official said.

According to Bege, the authority will launch the order concerning the ”gas release” this week for public debate. “The measure will apply from July 1, so that all suppliers have access to gas,” added the representative of the regulator.


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