ANRE has prepared the order to give prosumers a new impetus, from January 1, 2021


A draft order (in RO) published by the National Energy Regulatory Authority – ANRE promises to strongly encourage the installation of new electricity generation capacities at the level of consumers. The regulator takes over elements of mandatory legislation at European level and simplifies procedures for small distributed generation. Communicated on October 23, the project is put up for public debate until October 27.

From 27 kW, to 100 kW

ANRE takes over the amendments applied to law 220/2008 in the summer of this year by increasing from 27 kW to 100 kW the maximum threshold of installed power at the place of consumption established for prosumers owning electricity generation units from renewable sources that can sell electricity produced and delivered in the electricity network to the electricity suppliers with whom they have concluded electricity supply contracts.

The option of direct contracting by the prosumer of the design and / or execution works of the connection installation with a certain certified designer and / or constructor, chosen by him, is also introduced. The implementation of this provision comes in support of prosumers, and is meant to ensure increased efficiency. The regulator also introduces new rules and obligations for both distribution operators and prosumers regarding the connection installation, after its construction.

More costs are socialized

“The distribution operator is responsible for the purchase and installation of the electricity metering unit or the fully equipped measuring and protection block according to the connection solution, including the related electricity metering meter, depending on the connection solution, from the point of delimitation, including the communication system, the costs being borne by it in accordance with the provisions of the regulation”, states the draft order of ANRE.

„From the current practice it is observed that the distribution operator provides through the connection solution, with costs provided by the user through the connection tariff, protections and automations in order to ensure the operation of the network and fulfill its legal obligations. Given the purpose, such works are of an investment nature. Therefore, the costs unjustifiably attributed to the user through the connection tariff have been eliminated ”, is the explanation from the Note of presentation (in RO) of the draft order.

Storage appears in regulations

Throughout the order, the phrase “place of consumption and production” shall be replaced, as appropriate, by the phrase “place of consumption and production with storage facility”. Thus, in the whole process of setting up a prosumer, in relation to the regulatory authority and distribution operators, the prosumer will be able to include references to storage facilities.

This update of the ANRE order also comes as a result of the amendment of law 220/2008, by law 155/2020.


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