ANRE has begun the process of eliminating unavailable capacities


Bogdan Tudorache

The regulatory committee of ANRE, in its meeting on 09.10.2019, discussed and approved the request of the Oltenia S.A. Complex Energy Company (CEO) amending the License no. 1085 for the commercial exploitation of the capacities of production of the electrical and thermal energy in cogeneration that it owns, announced the institution.

The measure was taken amid ANRE’s re-dimensioning of the map of available capacities. ANRE carries out an analysis of the existing production capacities in order to identify the differences between the installed power and the available one, in order to evaluate the electricity production capacities as accurately as possible.

The modification of the CEO license is necessary considering that the G1 and G2 blocks of CET Brăila, which belongs to the Chiscani Power Plant Branch, and have an installed electric power of 227 MW, respectively 210 MW and an installed thermal power of 58 MW each, were declared in a state of long-term unavailability, the institution shows.


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  1. Care poate fi diferenta dintre indisponibilitate de lunga durata si indisponibilitate totala ? presupun ca vom avea o explicatie ANRE.Presupun pentru ca sigur nu vom avea.Si uite asa cel mai eficient grup in condensatie pe hidrocarburi este bagat la fiare vechi, in situatia in care toti specialistii sustin inlocuirea carbunelui cu regenerabile si grupuri pe hidrocarburi.

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