ANRE: Distributors will no longer pay the cogeneration contribution for the CPT


An ANRE draft order establishes that the four electricity distributors in Romania, Enel, CEZ, E.On and Electrica will be exempted in the future from paying the contribution for efficient cogeneration, which all Romanian consumers pay for the purchase of electricity, now required for their own technological consumption (CPT).

“The proposed amendment to the Regulation contains: provisions clarifying the exemption of the electricity purchased by distribution system operators from the contribution of high-efficiency cogeneration to the network operator’s own consumption and the way to monitor and report this quantities of electricity”, the order note shows, according to

In 2016, the energy purchased for CPT coverage in distribution networks was 6 TWh, and 30% of the distribution tariff is given by the CPT energy equivalent. For the year 2017 the data have not yet been published by ANRE.

Contribution to cogeneration is a monthly fee paid by each electricity consumer to support the production of electricity and heat (cogeneration) under conditions of high efficiency. It is 0,01 RON/ KWh and the amounts are based on a support scheme for over 40 producers.


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