ANRE approved the tax-free connection of non-household customers located at a maximum of 2.5 km from the grid


Bogdan Tudorache

The ANRE regulatory committee approved Order no. 183/2020 for the approval of the Procedure regarding the connection to the electricity grid of public interest of the consumption places belonging to the non-household end-customers users, through connection installations with lengths up to 2,500 meters.

Thus, the costs with the design and execution of the connection installation of the consumption places owned by them, with a length of up to 2,500 meters, are borne by the distribution operators, ANRE announced.

The deadline for the completion of the connection activities of the respective places of consumption imposed by law is of 90 days from the date of obtaining the agreement or authorization for the connection installation, including its reception and commissioning.

Users have the obligation, by the date of the conclusion by the distribution operator of the contract for the execution of the connection installation, to complete the installation of use (the objective at the place of consumption) and to submit the file of the finalized installation.

The costs of distribution operators will be recognized in the distribution tariffs, the institution states.

At the same time, the non-household user concludes with the distribution operator a connection contract by which it undertakes to use the place of consumption and to keep its destination for a period of 5 years from the commissioning of the connection installation.

If the non-household customer does not comply with the provisions assumed by the contract, it is obliged to return to the distribution operator the value of the design and execution of the connection installation, in proportion to the period left unused.

Thus, ANRE provided for the establishment of a financial guarantee in case of connection of a consumption place with installed capacity greater than 1 MW/ approval of an increase in consumption power leading to an approved power greater than 1 MW, submitted by the applicant in favor of the distribution operator that will execute the guarantee in case of non-compliance with the obligations assumed by the non-household final customer.


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