ANRE and ANPC carry out control actions at electricity suppliers


ANRE and ANPC initiated control actions at the electricity suppliers, in the context of the liberalization of the electricity market starting with January 1, 2021. Thus, the institutions transmitted that they have in mind the verification of the use of possible incorrect or deceptive commercial practices in relation to electricity consumers (ANPC), but also the manner in which the legal provisions regarding the transmission to the consumer of the confirmation of the conclusion of the contract are respected – on a strong support, within a reasonable time from the conclusion of the distance contract and at the latest at the time of delivery or before the start of the requested service (ANPC).

The two institutions claim that the actions also take into account the verification of the way in which the legal provisions regarding the monthly issuance of the monthly electricity bill supplied to the final customers in universal service (ANRE) and the way in which the legal provisions on invoicing are observed are complied with by the supplier of electricity consumption in the period between two consecutive readings of the measuring device carried out by the network operator (ANRE), as well as the observance by the suppliers of last resort of the obligation to inform, throughout 2021, home customers receiving universal service regarding their applicable competitive offers and the right to conclude a contract on the competitive market with any licensed supplier (ANRE).


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