Alexe: CET Grozaveşti, fined 100,000 lei for not notifying APM Bucharest that it used fuel oil


The pollution in Bucharest registered on the night of March 1 to 2 was represented by a multitude of factors, among which the uncontrolled fires on the outskirts of the Capital and in Ilfov county, the fire in Crevedia and the traffic, and CET Grozaveşti was fined 100,000 lei, because it did not notify the Bucharest Environmental Protection Agency about the use of fuel oil in the production of energy, said the Minister of the Environment, Water and Forests, Costel Alexe, in a press conference.

“As for CET Grozaveşti, it was in control on March 4, the control was completed on March 6, and the Commissioners of the Environmental Guard applied a sanction of 100,000 lei, not for the fact that it used a quantity of fuel oil insignificant compared to the pollution in Bucharest, but because it did not notify APM Bucharest regarding the use of fuel oil in the production of energy. Also, it did not comply with some conditions of the environmental authorization. I would like to tell you that CET Grozăveşti consumed, over a period of several days, an amount of 261 tonnes of fuel oil, representing less than 7% of what it could use. The fact that the people from CET Grozaveşti used fuel oil was not the main factor of the pollution of Bucharest in this episode from Sunday to Monday,” said Alexe, quoted by Agerpres.

He reiterated that, if the measures of the Integrated Air Quality Plan were implemented in Bucharest, “we would not have had excessive pollution in the past period.”


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