ALDE ministers resigned, Nicolae Bădălău might become interim Energy minister


Following the resignations of ALDE ministers Graţiela Gavrilescu – Minister of the Environment, Viorel Ilie – Relations with the Parliament and Anton Anton – Minister of Energy, the Dăncilă government will have to come with substitutes, quickly, in order not to affect the good performance of the ministries activity.

ALDE’s decision to leave the government was formalized after the day before the ALDE leadership decided to withdraw from the government.

As Minister of Energy, the name of Niculae Bădălău came up, while Ioan Deneș will come to the Environment, and Ștefan Radu Oprea, to the Ministry for Relations with the Parliament.

The problem related to Bădălău’s appointment to Energy is given by European regulations which prohibit the transport of energy under the same leadership as the production of energy, the separation of these areas being very clearly expressed by the European Directives. The Liberal Senator Florin Cîțu considers that “energy carriers must be separated from energy producers. The moment you appoint Badalau as interim to Energy, the two companies automatically lose their European accreditations.”

As Ramona Mănescu refused to comply with the ALDE decision to leave the government, she will remain at the Foreign Ministry, but under the umbrella of the PSD. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă justified the retention of Ramona Mănescu in the portfolio in terms of ensuring the continuity of the ministry’s activity. On this subject are commentators who appreciate that changing the political membership of a minister forces the reconfirmation of the whole Government in Parliament.


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