AHK Romania starts in Buzău a reference project for the development of Romanian cities


Last week, the “Smart – Green – Circular Buzau” project started in Buzau, announced AHK Romania.

During an online conference, the partners – Buzau City Hall, AHK Romania and Goduni International – defined the objectives and action plan for the successful implementation of a sustainable and reusable concept of city development.

The conference was also attended by His Excellency Cord Meier-Klodt, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Romania, who welcomed the initiative.

The three partner institutions are collaborating on this large-scale project which will be a role model for any European city. The object of the project is represented by a conceptual model of ecological, intelligent and circular municipal development, which provides for an interconnection of the main supply and sanitation systems through innovative technological solutions. Thus, the city of Buzau will take important steps to become green, smart and circular, a strategy of the city in this direction already existing for several years.

The project will ensure the technical and financial feasibility, the security of the technology acquisition as well as the continuous and sustainable implementation.

“The preparatory activities carried out in a convincing manner by the municipal administration of Buzău and the Goduni – AHK Romania project team as well as the innovative and sustainable approach of the model, clearly focused on interconnection and integration of utility systems-waste, energy, water, convinced the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Reactor Safety (BMU) which approved the financing and support of this project from an impressive number of over 300 submitted international projects,” AHK officials also said.

The first phase of the project, the mapping of the existing situation at local level, will take place for a year and will be financed through the export initiative of the Federal Ministry, Environment Technologies, EXI.

In order to finance the measures and facilities needed in the next phase of the project, a mix of funding from national, local and European Union funds will be designed.


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