After Iulian Iancu, also Cristina Pruna contests the appointment of ANRE vice-president Marian Neacsu, which has a criminal conviction


Bogdan Tudorache

After Iulian Iancu, PSD deputy and chairman of the Chamber of Deputies’ Industry Committee, publicly declared that he opposes the appointment of Marian Neacsu as ANRE vice president, considering that this appointment is illegal and will damage the image of both the party, the Chamber of Deputies and the candidate himself, also the USR initiated a challenge procedure to his appointment.

Cristina Pruna, a member of the Chamber of Deputies’ Industry Committee, said the USR is to file an appeal with the Constitutional Court on the appointment of Neacsu at ANRE, according to

Although conscious that he is against the line of his party, Iulian Iancu, a renowned professional in the energy industry, reacted to the nomination of Marian Neacsu, invoking several reasons: lack of experience in the field, his criminal conviction and the speed with which he passed the proceedings parliamentary appointment.

When he was an MP of PSD Ialomita (2016), Marian Neacsu was convicted by judges from the High Court of Cassation and Justice at six months imprisonment for committing the offense of conflict of interest after hiring his daughter at his parliamentary office, a position paid from the budget.


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