AFM opened the validation session of the car manufacturers and dealers for the Rabla 2020 Program


The validation session of the producers and dealers in the Rabla and Rabla Plus programs was launched for the period March 2 – 6, announced the Administration of the Environment Fund (AFM).

According to the draft Ministerial Order on the approval of the Financing Guide for the Program to stimulate the renewal of the National Car Park, posted in public consultation on the website of the relevant ministry, it has multi-annual in nature, it is applied at national level and is running in the period 2020- 2024. The financing of the program is realized from the revenues of the Environmental Fund, and the amount of the subsidised premium is 6,500 lei, except for motorcycles, for which the premium will be of 3,500 lei.

Also, the Program Financing Guide on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport, by promoting clean and energy efficient road transport vehicles 2020-2024, which is under debate on the MMAP website, states that the granted eco-label will be of up to 45,000 lei, but not more than 50% of the sale price, for the purchase of a new pure electric vehicle, except for motorcycles, according to Agerpres.

At the same time, a ticket of 20,000 lei can be granted, but not more than 50% of the sale price, for the purchase of a new hybrid electric vehicle (except motorcycles), which generates a CO2 emission amount of maximum 50 g/km, in mixed operating mode.


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