AFM is working to remediate the online application system for prosumers


The Authority for Environment (AFM) is still working to remedy the problems that led to the stopping of the computer application dedicated to the registration of applications for the installation of photovoltaic panels. On Tuesday, Andrei Iorgulescu, Director of the General Projects Directorate, Administration of the Environmental Fund, told that the application ran for only six and a half hours, in this first session on September 10th, until around 4.30 pm, after which it was closed.

“In order to carry out analyzes on the functioning of the registration of natural persons in the generic program called Casa Verde Fotovoltaice, the computer application will not be available as of September 10, at 4.30 pm. The access in the application, for the registration of the natural persons in the Program, will resume in the shortest time, after the completion of the analyzes carried out”, according to the AFM website.

On September 11th, AFM president Cornel Brezuică told “We want to check if what was submitted is correct. We do our internal analysis, we started evaluating the applications submitted. We will place an announcement as soon as possible regarding the number of applications submitted ”. The latest official information is that ”in the computer application for the management of the Green House Photovoltaic Program, on 13.09.2019, 13,271 financing applications were registered. The administration of the Environmental Fund is in the process of analyzing these financing applications, and it will be announced in advance the resumption of enrollments in the Program”.

A calculus made based on the fact that about 245 installers were validated, reveals an average of about 54 applications per installer.

The interest for the program was very high, and in the press even appeared some information according to which all the money was exhausted from the first day, information denied by our sources.

“Indeed, there was a great interest for the program, but not all the money was exhausted, as some online publications have written. However, one region moved at a higher rate than others, the Oltenia region, where the funds were exhausted, and in the second place was the Centru region, which has very little unallocated money. However, the Bucharest-Ilfov region has a lot of funds available, for now – but there are also the largest funds,” said Marian Mândru, coordinator of renewable energy campaigns, Greenpeace.

Unfortunately, statistical data is no longer available until the application is restarted.

“For now, the online application is stopped, I understand that they need some time to analyze – it is not clear to me whether it is a technical problem of the application or the ability of AFM to analyze the data already received. AFM said it would reopen the application, but without communicating when it will do so. It would be important for the app to be open to everyone at the same time. Because if they open up improperly, and only a few installers will apply, it would not be fair from the competition point of view,” said Mândru, explaining that from the latest figures available installers had applied for about 40% of the funds. But Andrei Iorgulescu could not confirm or disprove this figure.

“In the Oltenia area, the available allocation was completely consumed. We could not say now what would be the total funds available in the country, we want to check for possible errors in the applications, to perform an analysis and will come back after we check that,” said Iorgulescu.

AFM will officially announce the resumption of the program in the coming days, the Fund official added.


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