The companies in Adrem group had stable revenues, in 2019, around 40 million euro


The companies in Adrem group had stable revenues this year, at around 40 million euros, according to the CEO and co-founder Corneliu Bodea, while profitability was around 2-3%, as the wages impact was increased by the GEO 114/2018.

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Most of the revenues were generated by the services-focused company for the utility networks Adrem Invest (between 20 and 25 million euro) and the one focused on solutions for the energy infrastructure Adrem Engineering (about 15-16 million euro), while the value of the revenues generated by Adrem Link, focused on energy efficiency solutions, operational optimization and automation and control, was about 2 million euros.

Most of the business comes from the companies in the CEZ group, for which Adrem offers services of meters reading and replacing, as well as maintenance services for power distribution lines.

Corneliu Bodea said that the Adrem group has almost all of its working capacities hired for 2020 and added: “we have signed contracts worth 150 million euros, some of them for a 4 to 8 years interval.”

Adrem objective is to develop its general entrepreneurship capabilities, in the context in which large projects are expected to start in Romania, in the coming years.


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