Accelerated development of solutions for electric cars


On July 9, Energynomics organized its 6th conference dedicated to electric mobility, this time in a hybrid format that brought the invited speakers to the Băneasa headquarters of Automobile Bavaria and about 900 people in online audience. The event “Electric vehicles – covering the distance to maturity” was supported by ABB, Stratum Enclosures, Phoenix Contact, Renovatio and Automobile Bavaria.

Cătălin Lepinzean, Phoenix Contact: Electric vehicle sales increase, infrastructure network grows

The production of electric vehicles will advance, in the period 2020-2030, by about 530%, says Cătălin Lepinzean, Business Development Manager Phoenix Contact. Sales of electric vehicles are growing, and with at the same time, the infrastructure network is developing. The estimated evolution of charging points globally shows an increase from 7.3 million in 2020, to 23.5 million in 2024. “The interest is phenomenally high, not only of end-users, but also of companies and authorities”, he says.

The interest of the Romanian public is also great, with almost 50% of the Rabla Plus eco-tickets already reserved. “The interest of the local authorities is very high, too. The town halls of Oradea, Târgoviște, Galați, Cluj, Bucharest, are investing or intend to invest in charging infrastructure and electric vehicles segment”.


The interest of the Romanian public is also great, with almost 50% of the Rabla Plus eco-tickets already reserved. “The interest of the local authorities is very high, too. The town halls of Oradea, Târgoviște, Galați, Cluj, Bucharest, are investing or intend to invest in charging infrastructure and electric vehicles segment”.

ABB has launched the up to 180 kW compact charger

Recently, ABB launched the compact charger of up to 180 kW, in three variants – 90 kW, for charging a single car, 120 kW, for two cars and 180 kW, for three units in parallel. “Of course, ABB’s portfolio also includes high power stations, up to 350 kW, which are generally used on highways, for charging electric buses, trucks and fleets,” said Constantin Ichimoaei, Executive Manager at ABB Romania.

Among the industry trends there are declining prices for component, such as batteries, while regulations are also becoming stricter. If we talk about the infrastructure for electric cars, the number of car is increasing, the vehicles are getting bigger, and the mileages and charging times also increase.

Stricter safety requirements in public installations lead to the current spread of low voltage charging installations. “In the future we will see more and more medium voltage connections.”


ABB offers storage solutions and scalable units making it even easier to charge more cars in parallel in public parking lots. Storage will evolve in parallel with the development of renewables and it will help the grid, without the need for a large initial investment for prospecting the area, and with no new and expensive investments for strengthening the grid.

Bogdan Cojocaru, Stratum Enclosures: We will install 200 kW platforms

The Next Charge mobile charging management application, developed by Stratum Enclosures, allows monitoring of charging station systems, by showing the number of users on each station and allows remote control of stations. Diagnosis and repair are also done remotely, said Bogdan Cojocaru, Business Development Manager Stratum Enclosures.

The application developed for mobile devices or laptops also shows the volume of payments. Payment are made directly, through the application. “The application is free and very easy to use. Users of electric cars can build various routes with statistics that allow them to calculate the exact value of energy consumed and when recharging is needed.”


Stratum will launch a new platform for Romania to allow the charging of up to four electric cars at 200 kW in parallel: “At the moment we are covering Europe and we intend to invest in Romania as well”.

Renovatio inaugurated its first ultra-fast charging station, in Shopping City Târgu Mureș

Renovatio managed to build its first ultra-fast charging station at the beginning of July, in Târgu Mureș, in part of a project co-financed by the European Union through the Connecting Europe Facility, announced Alexandru Teodorescu, CEO of Renovatio. “Similar stations will be installed in Timisoara, Sibiu and Bucharest and we hope to find locations for Constanța as well.”

“We can now charge at 150 kW and cover the transport corridors that cross Romania. We have a dedicated software platform, but also e-roaming solutions that provide access to stations across Europe,” he added.

Renovatio is currently in the process of authorizing a new 1MW station in Bucharest – two 350 kW stations, in conjunction with 50 kW stations. Subsequently, such stations will be installed in other cities.


“For 2020, our goal is to exceed 150 stations and to be present in most of the all major cities in Romania. Our plans include both fast charging stations, but the focus is more and more on ultra-fast charging stations,” he said.

BMW plans to launch over 25 new electric and plug-in hybrids models

Despite the unusual context, generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, BMW manages to maintain a trend of accelerated sales growth worldwide for the electric vehicles and hybrid plug-ins ranges, said Marius Răspopa, BMW & MINI Product Specialist at Automobile Bavaria. BMW plans to launch more than 25 new models, electric and hybrid plug-ins, in 2023, while MINI has already launched the first all-electric version.

“At the local level, we benefit from a favorable context, as the state supports boosting the clean vehicle sales. Thanks to this subsidy, many models in our range become much more affordable, compared to models with classic engine. The entire maintenance and operation package is also more efficient. We currently have a very wide range of electric or electrified plug-in hybrid vehicles, both covered by the subsidies of 45,000 lei, but also by the 20,000 lei subsidy. We have at least one electric engine for each segment, so our customers can choose between compact cars, very well designed and suited for everyday life, for being used in urban areas, but also luxury limousines, where comfort prevails”, said Răspopa, presenting the latest models offered by BMW and MINI.

The conference „Electric vehicles – covering the distance to maturity” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners: ABB, Stratum Enclosures, Phoenix Contact, Renovatio și Automobile Bavaria.

175 people have registered on the MyConnector platform to participate in the dialogue, representatives of organizations such as, 3M Romania, AB Instal, ABB, ACE ISS, AG Charge, Agro For eEnergy, Alstom Transport, AMBER Technologies, ANRE, APIA CONSULT, Asociația Patronală Surse noi de Energie – sSunE, ASRO, Automobile Bavaria, Business France, Camera de Comerț și Industrie Româno-Britanică, Caranda Baterii, CEZ Romania, Chimcomplex, CIECH Soda Romania, Apa ServCluj, Cluj Innovation Park, CMT Elec, Construct Edil, Continental Energy, DareStrategy, DeBizz Magazine, Delta Electronics, Department of Energy, Technical University of Moldova, E.ON Energie Romania, BERD, Electrotel, EcoEnergia, EFdeN, Electrica Furnizare, Electricianul, ELUX RODIT, Ambasada Canadei în România, Energo ESCO, EnergoBit, ENGIE România, Euroelectric, Eximprod, Hidroelectrica, INCDTIM, ING Bank, Le Consult, Leaderteam Broker, Ministerul Economiei, Energiei si Mediului de Afaceri, Mitsubishi Corporation, MOL România, OMV Petrom, Oracle, Ringhel, Roland Berger, Siemens, Steinel, TIAB, Unilever, Vastint Romania, Vestra Industry, Weidmueller, Windelcon Partners, Wiren.


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