About 80% of the on-surface operations royalties will be allotted to local authorities


Liberal party PNL will send the Government for approval a project whereby the royalties from surface operations will remain, at 80%, locally, so that the UATs (administrative-territorial units) will be in profit, announced Virgil Popescu, Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment.

“I think the UATs will earn a lot more, 40% will go to the mayors, 40% to the county councils. And I think they will complete a lot of the royalties that are now lost. For the ANRM (National Agency for Mineral Resources) is very difficult to manage all the wealth at the central level, and the UATs will be much more interested in pursuing them, it will be a much better audit and a much higher revenue,” said Popescu, quoted by financialintelligence.ro.


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