About 700 young sportsmen and artists obtain financing of 560,000 lei via MOL Talent Promotion Program


MOL Romania and the Community Foundation grant this year 560,000 lei for 700 talented young people in the arts and sports. The MOL program to support young talents has reached its 14th edition. Since 2006, more than 2,350 young people have been supported through this program, with a total amount of 4,350,000 lei.

About 300 projects will be financed in whole or in part, with 700 young sportsmen and artists as beneficiaries. This year, the specialized juries have selected the most proposals so far, raising the number of beneficiaries to a record level. The jury wanted to encourage the performance among the young people and, above all, to convey the message that as long as they want to perform, the young people will be able to find the necessary financial resources. As in previous editions, this year also includes beneficiaries, both young people with outstanding results at national and international level, as well as those at the beginning of their sports or artistic career.

“We are pleased that we have been able to increase the number of projects and, implicitly, the number of beneficiaries of this program because we believe that such initiatives have an essential role in discovering new talents. MOL Romania and the Foundation for the Community annually fund, for 14 years, the talented young people at the beginning of the journey. We are thus a constant presence and we are pleased, year after year, to discover new talented young people who make us look with pride and optimism towards the future. We will continue to support the talented young people and invite all those who are at the beginning of the road on the path of professional affirmation in the fields of art and sport to apply with confidence to the MOL Talent Promotion Program ”, said Camelia Ene, Country Chairman & CEO MOL România.


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