A German company wants to organize the first fully electric rally in Romania


Bogdan Tudorache

Rafael de Mestre, general manager of TRON Consulting, is the first man that made a trip around the Earth in an electric car.

“I purchased a Tesla Roadster in 2011, and in 2012 I made the first trip around the world with an electric car. I will repeat this experience this year, leaving from Kazakhstan. I will also go through Romania, probably in October,” de Mestre, director of TRON Consulting, told energynomics.ro.

He says he intends to organize the first 100% electric rally in Romania, with ordinary, standard cars, and the race will be open to anyone who wishes to attend.

“I will organize, together with a partner, in Brasov, within the city, the first electric car race in Romania. The race will last 24 hours, and the cars will be driven by three drivers – one every four hours. Anyone who owns an electric car can register,” he said.

The initial ”early bird” participation fee will be of about 300 euro.


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