31 Romanian companies in the Atlas of Biomass and Bioenergy from Energy Barge


The ENERGY BARGE project consortium has launched the modal transfer platform, a tool combining the “Biomass and Bioenergy Atlas” and the ecological logistics platform for bioenergy across the Danube. The Romanian Association for Biomass and Biogas – ARBIO, announces that the platform would also include a section of good practices that “would allow understanding of the factors that shape the performance of bioenergy actors using or intending to use inland waterway transport.”

According to ARBIO, the modal transfer platform provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate overview on the transnational biomass and bioenergy market as well as practical advice and business contacts for organic bioenergy logistics along the Danube.

The platform includes a minimum set of information on each company and specifies their main field of activity. Currently, the database contains more than 530 biomass and bioenergy companies, 66 Danube ports and over 50 shipping companies and ship brokers. In addition, there are 40 clusters and research institutions listed.

There are 31 companies in Romania, including ADM Romania Trading, Bioenergy Suceava, Cerealcom Dolj, Egger Romania, Interagro and Yildiz Entegre Romania. Bulgaria has 81 companies registered, Germany 140, Hungary – 23, Slovakia – 37, Croatia – 80 and Austria – 129.

The Market Players database allows for growth and development through the option of registering companies and, therefore, ensuring an increased transnational coverage. Companies presented on the platform have the opportunity to connect with other key actors of the Danube logistics sector and other stakeholders involved in the bioenergy and biomass industry to promote collaboration and establish new business contacts.

The modal transfer platform aims at enabling a more environmentally friendly and interoperable transport system for bioenergy products along the Danube. To improve the supply and transport of biomass and bioenergy products, it offers the following functions:

  • General overview of the actors in the markets across the biomass value chain in the logistics sector in the countries adjacent to the Danube. The goal is to simplify the identification of suitable business partners through specific visualization and search functions
  • Easy access to the Danube logistics portfolio and information on the transport of various biomass products with specific zoom options and identification of port positioning
  • Overview of support institutions, such as research groups and institutions, to promote co-operation
  • The option to register in the platform as an active Danube Region company either in logistics or in the biomass and bioenergy sector
  • Dynamic view of commercial biomass flows
  • Background information on the project’s topical reports
  • Access to the modal shift Manual for transporting biomass shipments on inland waterways.

The modal transfer platform can be accessed through this LINK.


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