12 years in prison for the major shareholder of Prospecţiuni S.A.


Ovidiu Tender has been condemned by the Bucharest Court of Appeal to 12 years and seven months imprisonment for fraud, instigation to abuse of office, setting up an organized criminal group and money laundering, in the Carom file. The court also ruled the seizure of large amounts of money from Ovidiu Tender and from Tender S.A., a company that controls 55.7% of Prospecţiuni S.A., a company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the leading provider of geophysical and geological services in Romania and Southeastern Europe.

In December 2014, Ovidiu Tender had been sentenced to 11 years and four months in prison in the Carom file. The decision was appealed to the Bucharest Court of Appeal, which after eight hearings decided that the seven defendants will receive a total sentence of 61 years and five months in prison.

The defendants will not have the right for five years after serving the sentences to be associates, shareholders, administrators or real beneficiaries of companies and will not be elected in the public authorities or in any public position.

The court also ordered the confiscation of the total amount of over 322 million lei from the defendants and several companies, established as civilly responsible parties. In the lawsuit, Alexandru Marian Iancu, Găurean Toader, Cicilia Dumitrescu, Marin Badea and Bogdan Sălăjan Kadri Mazhar Basaran, were also convicted.

In the Carom case, Ovidiu Tender and Marian Iancu are accused of illegally taking over control of the company Carom S.A. Onesti, which they damaged with an ammount of 1,400 billion ROL (old Romanian currency), ammount established in 2003. Prior to 1990, Carom S.A. was part of the Oneşti Petrochemical Platform. The two businessmen are accused that they drained the Carom resources through a complex financial circuit.


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