115 independent gas stations accept ROTTCO SYNERGY card, SYNERGY by ROTTCO app available on Android and iOS


ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD, the card system launched by ROTTCO under the SYNERGY by ROTTCO project, is currently accepted by 115 independent gas stations, spread over the main road routes across the country, which gives the carriers national level cover.

The company also launched the “SYNERGY by ROTTCO” mobile application, which allows connection to independent gas stations in Romania and is available on both Android and iOS.

Rottco Consult was awarded the energynomics.ro Award for the New Comer of the Year in 2017 with its Synergy project of interconnecting independent Romanian gas stations in a national and interactive network.

The ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD system allows high-quality fueling and access to fleet-specific services, careful fuel cost control and cost management of fleet operations. ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD is the first system launched by an independent Romanian company that offers such services in cooperation with private-owned gas stations. Users of the ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD system also benefit from the support of a 24/7 Call Center.

The SYNERGY by ROTTCO mobile application helps you easily find stations accepting the ROTTCO SYNERGY CARD and identifies the closest station and the facilities it offers. By accessing the “Did you know?” Section, the user can find interesting and useful information, and in the PROMOTIONS section, companies using the ROTTCO SYNERGY fleet card can find out which are the latest promotions for the system users.

The SYNERGY by ROTTCO project brings together independent Romanian gas stations in a national and interactive network capable of providing services similar to those offered by major international networks. The project will increase the business value for independent station owners and it will also increase competitiveness, which can only be achieved through access to integrated services specific to distribution networks.

The company was established in 2007 and has as main activity the wholesale distribution of petroleum products. The SYNERGY by ROTTCO project links independent stations into a coordinated, connected and interactive network with unified promotion and communication, benefiting from the experience and training of all its members and the use of a common brand at national level. The objectives of the SYNERGY by ROTTCO project are to increase the quality of services and to ensure competitive standards for independent network owners within a network and to increase their performance.


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