10% guaranteed reduction in energy consumption for buildings (Energy Breakfast Club, Nov 5)


Dalkia Romania, energy division of Veolia Group, proposes a comprehensive package of services designed to increase energy efficiency for buildings in Romania. Veolia’s Partenerg program was presented by the company officials at Energy Breakfast Club, organized by energynomics.ro, on November 5, at Racoviţă Cesianu Palace, in Bucharest.

There were present almost 50 energy specialists interested in energy efficiency, consumption reduction and cost optimization for buildings.

The dialogue was opened by Professor Aureliu Leca, executive director of the Romanian Association for Energy Efficiency (ARPEE). He presented the legal framework and the Action Plan for buildings, as well as an analysis of thermal rehabilitation measures currently applied. One of the conclusions was that not always investing more means more energy savings. For example, insulation of exterior walls with 8 cm polystyrene, and installation of windows with insulating glass consume over 63% of the investment, while these operations are responsible for less than 50% of the resulting reduction in energy consumption. However, other operations are more efficient, according to the analysis: e.g. the insulation of the heat distribution pipes and hot water in the basement (with 1.6% of the investment and 8.5% out of the energy savings), and the introduction of sanitary fittings with low water consumption and individual metering for hot water (with percentages of 19.7% and 24%, respectively).

Download presentation – Aureliu Leca.

Lavinia Săniuță, CEO Veolia Romania, announced that under the slogan “Resourcing the world” Veolia Romania operates in three major directions: energy, waste management and water. Through the six companies active in energy and water in Bucharest, Tulcea, Prahova and Iaşi, Veolia has a workforce of over 3300 people and a combined turnover of 300 million euros. Group manages approximately 1,000 facilities and 3,000 GWh of fuels, producing about 500 GWhth and 1000 GWhe.
In Romania, Veolia serves 2 million people and has 200,000 direct customers and through its facilities achieved reductions of 9ktone of CO2 emissions.

Download presentation – Lavinia Săniuță.

In turn, Gilles Hild, Director Veolia Energy Agency Bucharest Ilfov exposed the NegaWattHour concept, translated into a concrete offer from Veolia:

  • Heat consumption
  • Electricity consumption
  • Water Balance < 5 to 10%
  • Better Waste Management

Gilles Hild stressed that Veolia’s approach takes into account the present trends in the market – mainly the liberalization in electricity and gas market and the regulatory changes – in order to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of buildings (office, industrial and residential).

Download presentation – Gilles Hild.

Guaranteed Savings

Adrian Sandu, Business Development Manager Veolia Energy Bucharest Ilfov brought further details and some case-studies of group work in Romania and in Europe. Calculations made for the large office buildings (10,000 square feet) show that the best potential cost reduction comes from the energy consumption. Adrian Sandu emphasized that, against common perception, energy efficiency can be achieved on all four segments of the energy flow (building design, operation, distribution and production), and an integrated approach, followed by medium-term actions, can lead to average reductions of 10% in energy consumption, guaranteed by contract. Veolia Energy already carries four energy efficiency contracts in Romania, which comes with benefits unavailable through a classical approach: guaranteed savings, best service provider, energy efficiency action plan, bonus/malus system linked to KPIs agreed with the client, good technical competences, preventive maintenance approach and O&M actions, essential part of keeping the LEED / BREEAM certifications.

Download presentation – Adrian Sandu.

Representatives of AB Energy Romania, Abroque SRL, ALD Automotive Romania, Anja Beecken Architekten Gmbh, AsiC arhitectura, Atalian, ATH energ SRL, Banca Comercială Română, Be Efficient SRL, CEZ Romania SA, Cora, Eco Solution SA, Emerson Ridge Tools, EolEnvest, Flash Group, Intelen, MHC Green Investments, Platinum Management, Raiffeisen Bank, RET Utilaje, Romelectro, Sixt New Kopel, Slow Energy Europe, Veolia România, WFMC Facility Management, WSP Group, ANRE, Direcţiei Generale Energie şi Mediu – Departamentul pentru Energie, AGIR, ARPEE, CNR-CME, Hospice Casa Speranței, EFDEN attended the presentations and participated in discussions.

About the event

Energy Breakfast Club is a 2-3 hours meeting between energy specialists that want to be updated with the latest information and the most influential views on one hot topic. As a host, starting at 09:00, energynomics.ro provides the moderator and the coffee, proposes the theme and launches invitations to speakers.

These are selected from people that know the topic best and are responsible for organizing ideas and intellectual challenges. Presentations do not exceed 45 minutes and are intended to be starting points for dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. The club closes at 12:00.


Access to Energy Breakfast Club is open to all professionals in the Romanian energy industry and related sectors, based on a custom invitation launched by energynomics.ro. You can write us at office@energynomics.ro to request an invitation or propose a theme!