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Interconnection with Serbia, a project of national importance

The government wants to declare the investment project “Interconnection of the National Natural Gas Transmission System in Romania with the similar natural gas transmission system in the Republic of Serbia, including electricity supply, cathodic protection and optical fiber” of national…


E.ON is building a 767 MWh photovoltaic plant for Don Pedro

E.ON Energie Romania and the Vâlcea company Don Pedro, one of the largest players on the tissue paper market in the country, decided to develop the partnership signed last year for the development of a system for generating electricity through…


E.ON suspends advertising and posts on Facebook and Instagram

E.ON. decided to suspend advertising and posts on Facebook and Instagram, according to a company statement. ”At E.ON, we act in accordance with core values such as respect, diversity and tolerance. We expressly and resolutely oppose racism, incitement to hatred…