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High-tech solutions for Rompetrol Rafinare’s transports

Rompetrol Rafinare, a member of the KMG International Group, together with its main partner for domestic rail transport, Romanian Rail Group, successfully implemented a real-time monitoring and control system for oil products traffic. Shunting Expert system is to be used…


Transgaz: Works on the BRUA gas pipeline accelerated

Transgaz claims that work at BRUA is accelerating, and the deadline for completion is kept on for December 31, 2019. Transgaz also says workers from Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey have been brought and that there are currently more than…


Nuclearelectrica: Net profit up 24% in Q1

Nuclearelectrica (SNN) achieved a net profit of 219.285 thousand lei in the first quarter, up 23.9% over the same period last year, according to the first Quarterly Report for 2019. Operating result (EBIT) increased by 42.9% and EBITDA increased by…


Electricity prices rose in all Romanian markets in Q1

Transelectrica’s average price for all markets shows an increase of over 100 lei/ MWh in the first quarter (Q1) compared to a year ago. Electricity prices in the first quarter of this year are much higher than those in the…