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A new workshop for Southern Gas Corridor

The third meeting of the Consultative Council on the project South Gas Corridor started in Baku, according to Representatives of the European Commission, Georgia, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and Greece will discuss the prospects for transporting 10 billion cubic metres of Azerbaijani gas from the Caspian…


Construction of gas pipeline between Bulgaria and Greece start to 2018

The construction of the gas link between Bulgaria and Greece is expected to start in the beginning of 2018, stated interim Energy Minister Nikolay Pavlov in Azerbaijan. Pavlov pointed out that intensive work is being conducted at the moment on the preparation of the documents for the announcement…


Biomass – the energy promise for environmental issues

The capitalization of biomass as an energy resource seems to be suspended between several decision-making levels (European, national, municipal) and several activity sectors (energy, environment – waste management, agriculture) that are not well connected. Many European Directives impose targets for…